7 beautiful examples of pleaching

By August 14, 2015 Media No Comments

Pleaching – the intertwining and interlacing of branches, usually to make an arbor or hedge – is a trend that never really fell out. From classic European avenues to modern eco-inspired landscapes, pleaching is a fantastic way to add a whole new level of interest to your garden, and can allow for some interesting additions to any style of landscape.

1. Pleaching is perfect for emphasising angles and levels.

2. Don’t forget the colour combo opportunities – These Copper Beeches are stunning!

3. Pleaching is sometimes referred to as creating ‘Living Walls’ – How about this gorgeous Living Ceiling?!

4. Why not consider a double line of pleached trees, to create a shady sitting spot?

5. Pleaching allows you to show off your architectural choices – we love this modern combination.

6. Don’t limit yourself to a single texture – Consider smaller ground cover plants to add interest.

7. Pleaching is a great option to create a privacy screen with a modern twist.

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