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Kilby Park Tree Farm pyrus nuvalis

Kilby Park Tree Farm Welcomes Spring

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Spring, Spring Spring!

The first hint of the warmer weather and the blossoms have exploded here at Kilby Park Tree Farm. Our feature tree in the driveway, the Pyrus nivalis (Snow Pear), has come alive, so when you visit, check it out as you drive through the front gate!

We have the Pyrus nivalis available in all sizes, as well as plenty of stock that has come to life with the Spring warmth so have a look through our ‘in stock’ items for the month of September.


Pryus nivalis
A very colorful plant perfect for our Melbourne cooler climate, with its grey green foliage making it a versatile choice to provide contrast in any garden design. Use as a stand alone plant or group together in larger groves, this specimen has the added ability in dealing with our drier and hotter summer conditions .

Check out some of our current 40cm stock of Pyrus nivalis​ below.

kilby park tree farm available Pyrus nivalis

Magnolia Royal Star

Nothing says Melbourne Spring than flowering Magnolias, and the Magnolia Royal Star makes for a perfect compact option as a stand out feature tree. Our stock has already started to flower, and we can’t wait for the pure white stars to cover this multi-stemmed classic.

Check out some of our current stock of Magnolia Royal Star below.

kilby park tree farm Magnolia Royal Star

Prunus Pink Showers
Springtime means blossoms, and these fragrant and soft pink clusters are starting to cover our stock of Prunus Pink Showers. This beautiful standard weeping tree has become very popular in inner city plantings, and in the right conditions, can live up to 50 years old.

Check out some of our current stock of Prunus Pink Showers below.

kilby park tree farm Prunus Pink Showers

Betula Dalecarlica
We are still clearing out all stock of Cut Leaf Birch right through Spring, and this is another specimen perfect as a stand alone feature or in groups of larger plantings. Thrives in sunny and shaded conditions, Betula Dalecarlica shouldn’t be overlooked for any urban project in a small garden or open space.

Check out some of our current stock of Betula Dalecarlica below.

kilby park tree farm Betula Dalecarlica

Extensive Range

Come in and see us during the week at Kilby Park Tree Farm to look over our extensive range of trees and shrubs for any landscaping or design project.

Check out our contact numbers here.

5 Knockout Blossom Trees for Spring

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Spring is well and truly here – and at the Kilby Park Tree Farm, we LOVE this time of year.

Baby goslings, bulbs blooming and blossom trees everywhere.

These trees add a delightful splash of Spring Colour in the garden. Here are our top 5 favourites of the season.

1. Pyrus nivalis Snow Pear

Beautiful white clusters come to life in Spring, and a lovely yellow foliage during Autumn. Grows up to 8m in height, easily pruned.

2. Malus floribunda Japanese Crab Apple

Growing up to 5m in height, with mildly fragrant pink flowers that fade slowly to white.

3. Cercis canadenis ‘ Forest Pansy’
Gorgeous groups of tiny pink flowers that form in groups during Spring. Will grow up to 5m in height in is perfect for small areas.


4. Malus ioensis ‘Plena’ Betchel Crab Apple
These stunning trees produce delicate pink buds that open into large flowers during spring. Mild fragrance, and growing up to 6m in height.


5. Prunus subhirtella rosea – Pink Weeping Cherry
One of the most beautiful weeping cherry trees and perfect for any delicate looking garden. Grow up to 3m in height.


We’ve got all of these beautiful trees available in stock right now. Give us a ring on 9859 9190 to to find out more!

12 Japanese Garden to Inspire you.

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A Japanese garden is all about tranquility. Clean, simple designs, immaculately kept – incorporating plants, water and rocks. They range from the complex lands through to simple stone gardens. The beauty of a Japanese style garden is that they can be created in any size space. From small courtyards to larger gardens.

A Japanese garden indulges all the senses. Texture, colour, sound and touch.

Here are 12 brilliant Japanese Garden ideas.













At Kilby we’re stocking some beautiful Japanese style plants.

We’ve got

  • Varieties of the Japanese Maple
  • Buxus japonica
  • Nandina ‘Obsession’
  • Pittosporum Miss Muffet

Give us a ring on 9859 9190 to ask us any questions or find out more!

8 Secrets about Kilby Park Tree Farm that no one ever told you

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1. We welcome empty plastic pots for recycling.
If you’ve got left over pots from your jobs, bring them to us! We’ve got a recycling program that makes good use of them. Save yourself a trip to the tip as well as the tip fees.

2. We deliver all over Melbourne including coastal areas.
For your convenience we’re happy to deliver plants and trees to site.

3. We have a resident fox named Michael J. She loves to watch the boys pot up.
Michael J is a mama fox who lives at Kilby. Last year she gave birth to three beautiful cubs – when there was no more work left to do, we’d be down at the creek watching them play. Tom named them Lindsey, Jamie and Megan.


3. We’re proud to be part of the 202020 Vision
We believe that the more trees we have in the environment, correctly planted, placed and cared for, will be one of the key factors in helping to absorb the ever growing stress large populations put on the areas we live in. That’s why we support the 202020 Vision.

4. We have a heritage listed River Red Gum on site
On our grounds, we have a beautiful 300 year old Eucalyptus camaldulensis that has been awarded a tree of significant merit by the Booroondara council. What a stunner! Ask us to view the tree next time you visit.

Heritage Listed Tree At Kilby

6. We have a retail outlet called The Tree Shop at 200 Burwood Road, Hawthorn
This is for our non-trade customers. The Tree Shop has a full range of Kilby Park Tree Farm stock and is open to the general public.

7. We have a new website featuring our own in-house drones exclusive footage
Ever wanted a birds eye view of your landscapes and gardens? We did too! We recently purchased a drone and captured some beautiful shots of our grounds. You can check it out here.

8. We’re not open weekends
We’re open from 8am – 4pm on Monday – Friday.

So, did anything surprise you?

7 Stunning Ornamental Gardens that incorporate Fruiting Trees

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With ‘Edible’ and ‘Product’ gardens becoming increasingly popular, we’re getting more and more requests about the type of fruit trees that we grow.

At Kilby, we’ve decided to focus on growing productive trees that also have strong ornamental value in the garden.

In the spirit of edible gardens, here are 7 stunning ornamental gardens that incorporate fruit trees.

Potted Lemon Tree

More Potted Lemon Trees

Italian Garden

Potted Lemon Citrus Tree

Potted Kumquat with Rosemary Citrus

Wild Citrus Garden Inspiration

At the moment we’re stocking a range of productive trees including..

  • Limes
  • Mandarins
  • Ruby Grapefruit
  • Lemons
  • Blood Orange
  • Persimmoson Fuyu (non astringent variety)
  • Laurus nobilis – Bay tree
  • Cydonia Smyrna – Quince
  • Malus Gorgeous – Red Crab Apple
  • Olives – Kalamata corregiola and Nevadilla Blanco

Give us a ring on 9859 9190 if you’d like any help in creating a stunning productive garden.