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Kilby Park Tree Farm Welcomes Spring

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Spring, Spring Spring!

The first hint of the warmer weather and the blossoms have exploded here at Kilby Park Tree Farm. Our feature tree in the driveway, the Pyrus nivalis (Snow Pear), has come alive, so when you visit, check it out as you drive through the front gate!

We have the Pyrus nivalis available in all sizes, as well as plenty of stock that has come to life with the Spring warmth so have a look through our ‘in stock’ items for the month of September.


Pryus nivalis
A very colorful plant perfect for our Melbourne cooler climate, with its grey green foliage making it a versatile choice to provide contrast in any garden design. Use as a stand alone plant or group together in larger groves, this specimen has the added ability in dealing with our drier and hotter summer conditions .

Check out some of our current 40cm stock of Pyrus nivalis​ below.

kilby park tree farm available Pyrus nivalis

Magnolia Royal Star

Nothing says Melbourne Spring than flowering Magnolias, and the Magnolia Royal Star makes for a perfect compact option as a stand out feature tree. Our stock has already started to flower, and we can’t wait for the pure white stars to cover this multi-stemmed classic.

Check out some of our current stock of Magnolia Royal Star below.

kilby park tree farm Magnolia Royal Star

Prunus Pink Showers
Springtime means blossoms, and these fragrant and soft pink clusters are starting to cover our stock of Prunus Pink Showers. This beautiful standard weeping tree has become very popular in inner city plantings, and in the right conditions, can live up to 50 years old.

Check out some of our current stock of Prunus Pink Showers below.

kilby park tree farm Prunus Pink Showers

Betula Dalecarlica
We are still clearing out all stock of Cut Leaf Birch right through Spring, and this is another specimen perfect as a stand alone feature or in groups of larger plantings. Thrives in sunny and shaded conditions, Betula Dalecarlica shouldn’t be overlooked for any urban project in a small garden or open space.

Check out some of our current stock of Betula Dalecarlica below.

kilby park tree farm Betula Dalecarlica

Extensive Range

Come in and see us during the week at Kilby Park Tree Farm to look over our extensive range of trees and shrubs for any landscaping or design project.

Check out our contact numbers here.

Industry Insider – Ben Harris Gardens

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We spoke with up and coming landscape designer and water garden specialist,
Ben Harris of Ben Harris Gardens about what makes him tick.

Ben Harris

Ben Harris

How would you describe your design style?
Natural and elegant simplicity

What’s your design philosophy?
I’m very much inspired by Japanese design principles of balance, simplicity, asymmetry, natural form and curves, taking the best bits nature has to offer and putting it all together to create a unique, informal garden.

What’s the driving force for your designs?
To try and make things better, and give people a reason to believe the world is a nice place to be. More green space is always a good thing!

What do you wish there were more of in Australian gardens?
I’d love to see more homes being built around and ‘grounded’ by gardens;
not the other way around. Aside from that, I’d like to see more greenery, less concrete, and more people getting outside.

gallery-japanese-pond gallery-cottage-stream-5 gallery-blackburn-billabong-7 gallery-blackburn-billabong-3

Do you have a favourite project?
A lovely client in Blackburn wanted a native garden that saved water and had a pond. I hadn’t worked with water features before and she was good enough to let me take a shot at it. It was such a great experience, a really collaborative process with the client and we worked on the project together. I came back a few weeks after it was finished and she was busy looking after it, it was great to see them interacting with it and taking care of it.

Where do you see Ben Harris Gardens in 10 years time?
It’s my name on the business, so it’s me who’s going to deliver that garden. I like the idea of creating more but staying small so I can have my own hands on all the work, from conception to construction. I just want to keep creating – doing more native gardens, more cottage gardens and more water do you look to for inspiration?
I recently went to the Grampians and just spent a lot of time looking at the natural flow of all the elements.
I attended a water feature conference on a work trip to Chicago – it’s always great sharing ideas with likeminded people. And I’m hoping to get to Japan as soon as I can.

What do you hope your designs do?
To me, a good garden gives people a reason to go outside and enjoy it. My gardens are designed to be used, connected with and enjoyed. That’s when I know I’ve done my job really well.

Want more info on Ben’s work?
Head to

Screening Plants

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With the warmer weather well and truly on its way, we’re spending more time outdoors in our gardens and backyards. And for most of us, a bit of privacy in these spaces equals more enjoyment and relaxation – not to mention keeping nosey neighbours at bay.

Creating a private retreat for clients with screening plants ticks all the boxes when it comes to privacy and sanctuary. A considered approach is an elegant combination of tall evergreens with deciduous trees and shrubs that sees the plants change with the four seasons for a more characteristic, responsive environment. Think lush foliage, shade and protection in summer, an auburn patina come autumn, the raw beauty of bare branches for winter and burgeoning greens and florals in spring.

Here’s a few inspired examples of screening plants now in stock at Kilby Park Tree Farm.

Waterhousia Floribunda.
The fastest of the advanced growers – a great solution for clients who need a quick result.

Waterhousia Floribunda

Photo: Anthony Wyer & Associates


Waterhousia floribunda

Kilby Park Tree Farm Waterhousia floribunda


Ficus hillii
This versatile, resilient and dense evergreen makes for a beautiful weeping canopy up to 6m high in urban environments.

Ficus ‘Flash’
One of the most popular native evergreen hedging plants, loved for its fast growth and lush, dense green foliage. Just add water (and a little love)


Kilby Tree Farm - Ficus Flash 20cm

Kilby Tree Farm – Ficus Flash 20cm


Acmena ‘ Sublime’
This lovely mid-sized tree is great for privacy, thanks to dense foliage from top to ground and even easier on the eyes come summer’s white fluffy flowers. Highly tolerant to all seasons and seaside gardens, we love this all round winner.

Acmena Sublime

Photo via

Kilby Park Tree Farm Acmena sublime

Kilby Park Tree Farm Acmena sublime


Syzygium ‘Select’
Bushy, glossy and dark green, this Australian native shrub is a fast grower and responds well to pruning, shaping, for privacy and hedging.

Photo: Danny Kildare Rolling Stone Designs

Photo: Danny Kildare Rolling Stone Designs


Kilby Park Tree Farm Syzygium select

Kilby Park Tree Farm Syzygium select


20 Years of National Tree Day

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This Sunday will mark the 20th anniversary of Planet Ark’s National Tree Day, a fun and inspiring event aimed to get people actively planting trees and plants across the country. Two decades on and three million trees planted later, the effort is still going strong!

Today thousands of local children will be out getting their hands dirty, learning about the importance of planting new trees and looking forward to seeing them grow.

An especially important part of National Tree Day is the restoration of native trees. Creating ‘green corridors’ of local native plant options is not only beautiful but can assist indigenous animals, increase the quality of nearby water supplies, and encourages bird life. We currently have some beautiful natives available – The flowering gums Corymbia ficifolia “Baby Orange” and “wild fire” in particular are stand outs for beautiful blossoms and their contribution to native fauna – Koalas and birds love them!

Corymbia ficifolia “Wild Fire” (Flowering gum)

Find a local event this Sunday to attend here or if you’d like to find out more about ongoing bushland projects, Landcare and Bushcare always love a volunteer.


Happy National Tree Day!

Keep Cosy: 10 Greenhouses to love, covet and inspire

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We love being amongst plants, but sometimes the frost of winter is just a little too much. This week we are inspired by the beauty of the humble greenhouse, and the escape from the cold that they also bring. No longer stuck in the realm of daggy old designs, greenhouses can be customised to suit a variety of landscape designs, from rustic to ultra modern. Below, we share our top 10 favourites:

1. The classic potters greenhouse: Part storage, part greenhouse, we love the pop of spearmint on the door.

2. Romantic rustic: This greenhouse creates a stunning focal point for a field of wildflowers. Gorgeous in any season!

3. Classic timber: We think this greenhouse would look only better with age, and love the modern shape.

4. The upcycled space saver: No room? DIY with old windows and furniture pieces!

5. The sunny attachment: We love how this greenhouse is a part of the home, and can be used for storage.

6. The polished finish: This stunning Edwardian style greenhouse goes beautifully with a manicured courtyard.

7. The Dream: An indoor orangery complete with pond? We’d probably never leave.

8. The Convert: Convert your dingy old shed into a cosy space for your plants.

9. The ultra modern: We love the clean lines and Scandinavian vibe of this greenhouse.

10. The Classic: Veggie patch, old tin rainwater catchment and tidy little greenhouse? Perfect.

Do you have a greenhouse in your yard? Show yours off on our Kilby tag on instagram – #kilbyparktreefarm

All images via Pintrest

12 Japanese Garden to Inspire you.

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A Japanese garden is all about tranquility. Clean, simple designs, immaculately kept – incorporating plants, water and rocks. They range from the complex lands through to simple stone gardens. The beauty of a Japanese style garden is that they can be created in any size space. From small courtyards to larger gardens.

A Japanese garden indulges all the senses. Texture, colour, sound and touch.

Here are 12 brilliant Japanese Garden ideas.













At Kilby we’re stocking some beautiful Japanese style plants.

We’ve got

  • Varieties of the Japanese Maple
  • Buxus japonica
  • Nandina ‘Obsession’
  • Pittosporum Miss Muffet

Give us a ring on 9859 9190 to ask us any questions or find out more!

6 Spectacular Native Australian Gardens

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A well designed and well thought Native Australian garden is worth it’s weight in gold. It often takes a visionary designer to make use of the dusted pallet, but if you’re working with a native backdrop, you can use that to extend your garden. Native Australian gardens are renowned for attracting birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Add to this the use of rocks and running water – you have every ingredient you need to create a very serene and relaxing space.

Here are 6 Native Australian Gardens that have inspired us.

1. Robert Boyle – Moorooduc

rb2 rb_1

2. Fiona Brockoff Design

fb_country-coastal_100 fb_country-coastal_106

3. Trailfinders Australian Garden at Chelsea

Trailfinder's Australian Garden (2)-qpr


5. Willie Wildlife Sculptures


and last but not least..

6. Simon Griffiths

Driveway at Cruden Farm


At Kilby, we’re currently stocking some beautiful Native Australian stock.

  • Corymbia ficifolia (Wild fire & Baby orange)
  • Corymbia citriodora ‘Scentuous’
  • Acacia minicog
  • Adenanthos sericeus
  • Doryanthes palmerii & excelsa
  • Elaeocarpus reticulatus
  • Tristaniopsis ‘Luscious’

Give us a ring on 9859 9190 if you’d like any help in creating a spectacular Native Australian garden.